Design & Installation

We coordinate design, layout and specimen selection with you and with your whole plot in mind. We can make sure your trees, plants and ornamentals are planted at adequate depths with soil amendments as necessary.

Lawn Installations

Performance Landex will prune and remove intefering trees to provide adequate light, grade for proper drainage away from the structure and septic system, then prepare/add topsoil to ensure the seed or sod installation is successful.

Tree Removal

Performance Landex handles large specimen pruning and tree removals. We also offer stump grinding or removal.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

We can make suggestions to improve your lawn and landscape while on-site preparing for the spring growing season or the winter snows. We can also clean your gutters and inspect your property for drainage issues.

Lawn and Property Maintenance

We offer weekly mowing service and yearly maintenance contracts that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.